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Green Building and Energy Efficiency in DFW

Cohousing or Cooperative Housing is about community and relationships.

Ecohousing is sustainable housing. 

Ecovillage is about sustainability in building, housing, community, and food.

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The Rural Ecovillage forming east of Dallas is for people who  want to grow most or all of their own food and live a sustainable future in community rather than live in a rural setting alone.... People who want to live in an affordable  zero-energy home with rain water harvesting, solar electricity, solar hot water, and other green features.... Parents who want to raise their children in an intergenerational and diverse community that is safe....

We take advantage of  opportunities and classes to learn the skills necessary for organic vegetable and fruit farming; we reskill in such areas as food preservation; we learn Permaculture principles that allow us to deal with our unique Texas sun, soil, and water; we develop a community that permits any who wish to do so to earn at least some income from the land. More information

The cohousing community forming in Dallas will remodel a commercial or industrial building preferably near a Dart Station. 

Plans are to have a large community area, grow some food, and remodel for energy efficiency.

Founders, say, "Our starting vision is, a retrofit building with individual condos for each household, shared common space we all plan together, and space for gardening."

If you are interested in these communities, please reply here. I will send you further information about them and keep you posted about meetings. 

We are always talking to people who love this concept. We think you will, too, when you understand it. Please surf this website and fill out our form here.

Ecovillages in Dallas-Fort Worth

Ecohousing in Dallas-Fort Worth

What is Ecohousing?  
Green Building and Energy-Efficiency in DFW 

Community in Dallas-Fort Worth

The Benefits of Ecohousing/Ecovillage Combined  
The Diminished Role of the Automobile in Ecovillages
  Safety of Children in an Ecovillage or Ecohousing

Common Areas of Ecohousing & Ecovillages:

The Developer 

What Affects Affordability?

Senior Cohousing/Ecovillages

  • Unique Features 
  • Benefits Unique to Seniors 
  • Active Lifestyles 
  • Retirement Housing
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Lack of Loneliness  
Confusion Between Ecohousing and Ecovillages
Conceptual Site-Plan for Cohousing  
Combat Rising Utility Bills in DFW  
Mortgages for Energy-Efficient Homes  
Origins Cohousing, Ecohousing, How Did It Start
Ecohousing is Fun!  

Joint Venture with Land-Owners
Renewable Energy
in DFW
USDA Rural Loan Program

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Questions? Please come to our next introductory meeting. In the meantime, call metro 972 251-1532 or 817 545-0140 for answers. 

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Renewable Energy in DFW



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Scheduled Meetings are normally held in Rockwall and Hunt Counties, occasionally in Dallas County

Ecovillage forming in Hunt County
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Energy Audits   
Green Building 
Green Remodeling 
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Rainwater Harvesting  
Renewable Energy in DFW

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