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Dinner-Match Six-to-eight singles, matched for age preferences and interest commonalities, then balanced for gender, dine together in a pleasant, local restaurant. After dinner, enter your preferences online for a second meeting. If you both want to meet again, DinnerMatch gives you both contact information for the other person.  No uncomfortable asking for a date or phone number; no rejections. And... NO charge to join DinnerMatch.

Ballroom Dancing Another good way to meet numerous singles is to  dance!! More about ballroom dance: tango, samba, cha-cha, Lindy, swing, waltz, fox-trot, jitterbug.

Choosing a Matchmaking or Dating Service  They may seem the same at first but they are definitely different. Read this comparison before deciding which one will work best for you. You will be glad you read it.

SOLO Newsletter  Try SOLO's FREE local email newsletters. Sign up in the DFW area for news about singles. Single in 2007? Actually, it's up to you in 2006!!

Connections Matchmaker Plus   Personal matchmaker in DFW area only. Very reasonable prices for a very personal way for meeting other singles. 

Heart Express   Singles profiles for Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond! The best online way to meet new singles in this area. Heart Express profiles are reasonably priced.

Friends Talk Friends talk. In fact, single friends talk,  converse, communicate, and  confide in their friends. Friends also talk with enthusiasm and appropriately.

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