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Ovo-lacto vegetarian: A person who eats no meat, fish, or poultry but who does eat eggs and dairy products.

Vegan: A person whose diet excludes all forms of animal products including meat, fish and poultry, eggs, dairy, gelatin, whey, refined sugar, and honey.






Guidelines for Potluck Meals

All potluck meals must be completely vegan so that everyone can enjoy the vegan experience and everyone can eat everything--except for allergies and general food preferences, of course.

Please watch out for hidden milk products, such as whey in cookies, crackers, bread  & margarine, casein or caseinate in "non-dairy" soy cheeses & whipped toppings, gelatin in some margarines,  eggs in baked goods, mayonnaise in salad dressings, and honey or refined sugar in breads, pastries, cookies, & preserves.

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