Fast, quick, and easy beans and rice. Healthy and nutritious with nutrients incorporated into a recipe containing no meat, eggs, and dairy. Healthy, varied diets, not vitamin pills, mean healthy nutrition.

Greg's Quick Beans and Rice Recipe, Ft Worth, TX, US.

One can pinto beans
One package rice & sauce mixture. I use Lipton Original Long Grain & Wild Rice.
One cup of chopped bell pepper and onions, mixed to your taste proportions.
1/4 cup of water in addition to amount specified on packaged rice mixture.
Place onions and peppers in sauce pan. Add rice, water as directed by rice mixture, and 1/4 cup additional water. Cook according to directions on package. Add beans, with liquid, and heat through. Most pre-packaged rice mixtures thicken on standing. Just follow directions!

Serve in bowls with hunks of French bread for a really quick, but nutritious, meal.

Makes about 4 cups. Leftovers can be stored in individual portions for a microwave quick snack.

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