Fort Worth Vegetarian and Dallas Vegetarian: Foods high in iron content from DFW Vegetarian in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Plant Foods High in Iron Content

Some plant foods are naturally high in iron content.

Food Portion Mg. Fat g
Pumpkin Seeds 2 tablespoons 8.6 26.0
Tofu, Firm 3 ounces 8.5 7.1
Blackstrap Molasses 2 tablespoons 6.4 0.0
Tofu, Regular 3 ounces 6.2 5.5
Pine Nuts, Pignolia 2 tablespoons 5.2 28.8
Soybeans 1/2 cup cooked 4.4 7.7
Pistachio Nuts 2 tablespoons 3.8 27.4
Sunflower Seeds 2 tablespoons 3.8 28.2
Winged Beans 1/2 cup cooked 3.7 0.4
Cashews 2 tablespoons 3.4 26.4
Lentils 1/2 cup cooked 3.3 0.4
Potato Baked, with skin 2.8 0.2
Kidney Beans 1/2 cup cooked 2.6 0.4
Adzuki Beans 1/2 cup cooked 2.3 0.1
Navy Beans 1/2 cup cooked 2.3 0.5
Pinto Beans 1/2 cup cooked 2.2 0.4
Black-Eyed Pea 1/2 cup cooked 2.2 0.5
Almonds 2 tablespoons 2.0 29.6
Brazil Nuts 2 tablespoons 2.0 37.6
Tempeh 4 ounces 1.9 6.4
Great Northern Beans 1/2 cup cooked 1.9 0.4
Pine Nuts, Pinon 2 tablespoons 1.8 34.6
Black Beans 1/2 cup cooked 1.8 0.5
Apricots 10, dried 1.7 0.4
Chickpeas 1/2 cup cooked 1.6 0.1
Raisins 1/2 cup 1.5 0.3
Mung Beans 1/2 cup cooked 1.4 0.4
Figs 3. dried 1.3 0.5


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Plant foods high in iron content.

Plant foods contain ample iron for vegetarian diets. However, some plant foods inhibit absorption of iron into the bloodstream. Some foods such as spinach, are good sources of iron, but less is bioavailable.

One reason vegetarians/vegans get enough iron is that vegetarian diets, and particularly vegan diets, are usually very high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron from plant foods, also known as nonheme iron.

One simple solution to getting enough iron is to eat iron-rich foods and Vitamin C-rich foods together. Most sweet fruits, bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, sweet potato are a few foods that are high in Vitamin C.

Remember that dairy foods are deficient in iron and may inhibit absorption of iron. Lacto-vegetarians should limit dairy foods to avoid an iron deficiency.

If your first reaction is to get the iron you need each day from nuts and seeds, please take a look at the column for fat content. Compare the fat content for beans and nuts, for example, and you will probably change your mind. However, if fat content is what you are seeking, be assured that most fat content of nuts and seeds is monounsaturated or polyunsaturated rather than saturated fat.

Sources: Prevention Magazine's Nutrition Advisor, A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian by Judy Krizmanic, The Vegan Sourcebook by Joanne Stepaniak, USDA.


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